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Update: Dutch Net Neutrality and Cookie law

In my last post I talked about the new Dutch Telecom law which includes net neutrality and an opt-in cookie law. I mentioned that the exception “C” was under review and the verdict is in. Exception “C”; Providers may block certain content to a particular end user, but only when the particular end user in question has given explicit permission. This exception has been issued to give the end user the possibility to block certain unwanted content. This can be…

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Dutch Net Neutrality and Cookie law explained

On Tuesday the 8th of May 2012, the senate passed the amendment of the Dutch Telecom law to add Net Neutrality and therefore the addition came into effect immediately on that day henceforth. As the second country in the world (Chile was first in June 2010) Net Neutrality is now guaranteed under Dutch Law. Is it absolute or are there a few exceptions? In this post I talk about the major strong points of the law and what exceptions there…

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